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The Cochin Restaurant- Our Story

THE COCHIN” South Indian restaurant specialised in Keralan cuisine like to Introduce our guest to the best dishes from the region.Kerala cuisine is unique,full of tradition, flavour and spices.Its renowned for exotic recipes which are handed over from mother to daughter,generation to generation.

Kerala SPICES-turmeric, cumin, cumin, mustard, fenugreek, red chilly

Red collies, coriander seeds, star ani seeds, cloves,

Kerala food has strong flavours,spices,seasoning and nutritious ingredients.Its is enrich in six tastes such as sweet,sour,salty,spicy,bitter and astringent.

as an art.

Our chefs have prepared the menu considering the best dishes of all communities in Kerala.

Every spice used in Kerala food preparations has either preservative or an antiseptic quality and soKerala food is considered very healthy.Keralites love their food and for them, cooking for and sharing a meal with a guest is the

ultimate sign of hospitality.

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