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Onam Sadhya -Vegetarian Food Festival at The Cochin

The festival of Onam is mainly celebrated in king Mahabali's memory in the month of Chingam (August/September). The pleasant, bright and warm weather during this time enhances the spirit of this beautiful festival.

At The Cochin, we are celebrating the festival of Onam on 18th September by organising the vegetarian feast with variety of unique dishes popular in this festival served on banana leaf. Join us with friends and family to celebrate the festival of Onam at The Cochin.

HISTORY OF ONAM- Lord Mahabali wanted to conquer all three worlds-Earth, Netherworld & Heaven. He started with Earth and then conquered Patalam (the Netherworld) and wanted to conquer Heaven. The gods appealed to vishnu, who appeared to Mahabali as a diminutive Brahmin, who just wanted enough land for three steps. Mahabali realised it was Vishnu and of course granted him the boon.

Vamana then grew to enormous size and covered the Netherworld with his first step, the Earth with his second & since there was no place for his third step, Mahabali offered his head as Vishnu's third step. After Vishnu's third step, he was so impressed with Mahabali, he granted him a boon that he could return to his loyal subjects every year. This is why Onam is celebrated, to mark the return to Earth of the great King Mahabali.

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